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Prohibited Items List - Venue

Elite athletes in Asian Grand Prix Taipei announced

Prohibited Items List - Venue

1. Firearms (including model and toy firearms), dynamite, gunpowder, knives, and explosives.

2. Poisons, corrosives, radioactives, and other types of dangerous chemicals.

3. Any type of drugs, harmful biological agents, infectious pathogens and other dangerous materials.

4. Oil, gas, alcohol, firecrackers, pressure spray cans, and dangerous flammable materials.

5. Suspicious powders or liquids.

6. Glass bottles and other shatterable objects, arrows, darts, scissors and other sharp objects.

7. Clubs of any material, pickaxes, chisels and other objects that may be used to cause bodily harm.

8. Bows, balls, rackets, bats, sticks, Frisbees and other similar objects that are not intended for use in this competition.

9. Bags of dimensions in excess of 50x50x50 cm or tripods (including selfie-sticks).

10. Any beverages or water in any type of packaging must be inspected by Security Personnel and tested by the owner before they may be brought into the venue.

※Absolutely no alcoholic beverages.

※No beverages of any kind at the opening and closing ceremony.

11. Any items promoted and sold by non-official sponsors and the companies without partnership for commercial purpose.

12. Objects promoting politics, racism, religion or other promotional materials.

13. Flags are allowed inside the venue ,but can not exceed 2 meters in length, and 1 meter in width. All flags are prohibited on the field of play, as is any flag used to disrupt the event.

14. Whistles, air horns (including vuvuzelas), laser pointers, and other items disruptive to the sporting events or other spectators.

15. Sound amplifying devices, remote controlled toys, wireless devices and other electronic devices disruptive to events.

16. Professional recording equipment of any kind.

17. Electric scooters, bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, and any other kind of transportation device (baby carriages, wheelchairs, and other mobility aids are permitted).

18. All animals, except service animals, and work dogs such as guide dogs, and sniffer dog.

19. Anything the organizers determine to be disruptive or dangerous to the competition or facilities.

20. Other objects illegal in the host country, or banned by the executive committee, who reserve the right to make changes at any time.

21. If any of the above objects are necessary tools or materials for medical staff, media personnel, or technical staff, or if they have been approved to be used in an event, then they may be permitted after inspection.